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ta DA!

OK hey everyone! There is not much going on in this community so I decided to try to stir things up. I'm brand new to the community, not livejournal though. I'm going to Scotland in May and there I will attempt my form of, ahem, "hunting". Any and all possible pictures, experiences, fantasies etc. encountered during this "hunting expedition" will be related back to you, the members of this community. BUT only if you start acting like the crazy, giggly fangirls I KNOW YOU CAN BE!! Also included in my search of the wilds of Scotland is another Glaswegian, this one a hobbit, so if any of you are also LOTR fangirls, I will do the same for any Billy Boyd things as well. Only not here. Definitely on my livejournal and probably on the Billy and/or Billy/Dom communities. So now I need everyone to post pictures, write out fantasies, DO ANYTHING to revive this community! I know you can do it!!!
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