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Gah! I waited all week for The Last King to be on A&E so I can see Seanus and what do i do??? I forget about it until its 8:40 and I turn the tv on just in time to see him fall down in the hall and die! Something must be working against me. Seriously I flipped on the tube, said "Oh my god, its Sean alre---HE'S DEAD!", and proceeded to throw random things around the room. I did watch the rest of it though (damn it was long!) just to see Christian Coulson. I rather liked his character. He was a weakling jackass but I felt bad for him anyway. I was rooting for him to make up with his father but he got exiled to Norway (I think) instead. But hey, thats how the British monarchy goes. Don't like your illegitimate child? Send him to Norway! :-)
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